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We at Strathmoor are always seeking new development opportunities. We are experts in land acquisition and have developed a wide range of long established relationships within the industry over the last 30 years.

We specialise in obtaining planning permissions, especially in complicated and often sensitive circumstances including Green Belt, Conservation Areas, redundant industrial/commercial premises and sites subject to restrictive planning policies. We also have excellent relationships with Local Authority planning departments and have an enviable record of winning planning appeals.

We will buy land on “subject to planning” terms or unconditionally where appropriate.

Our specialist knowledge and expertise means we can obtain the best planning permission achievable and maximise the value of your land. So if you think you have a development opportunity which may interest us, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We will arrange to meet with you to assess the potential of your site and you may be assured we will handle any enquiry in an efficient and confidential manner and entirely without obligation.

Below are four Case Studies which outline some of our planning successes on complicated and sensitive sites. These represent only a small sample of our extensive experience since the Managing Director of Strathmoor has obtained over 70 planning permissions and won 11 planning appeals.

Case Studies

Mill Lane, Headley

Land covered with trees and containing numerous badger setts. Planning permission obtained for four detached houses. 


Little Park, Packway, Farnham

A house and garden of 3.8 acres (1.54ha) subject to restrictive planning policies (BE3). Planning permission obtained on appeal for three substantial detached homes. 


Concours Garage and Workshops, High Street, Haslemere

Redevelopment of contaminated garage site and workshop premises located in the Conservation Area of Haslemere and adjoining National Trust lands. Planning permission obtained for 12 luxury flats. 


Land to the rear of the White Horse Hotel, High Street, Haslemere

Planning permission obtained for nine homes on surplus car park and scrub land adjoining the White Horse Hotel located in a Conservation Area and site of archaeological importance. 


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